UGH - I'm tired

  OK, I might start using instead of Sometimes I'd just rather be able to include more pictures in context that is not possible with sailblogs. So, for now I'm going to try Susan and I are going to cruise to Ocracoke for the Ocrafolk Music Festival. We plan on leaving May 20. We have been very sick with Covid like symptoms but tested negative. Anyhow we have been way too sick to prepare the boat. But, it has been getting done slowly. And, Liquid Therapy gets mad at you and breaks things if you don't come down and visit, wash her and use her is what she likes. So, she broke the refrigerator, the ice maker, the autopilot,  the primary automatic bilge pump, blocked the discharge of the secondary bilge pump with mud daubers nest,  screamed at me with a high water alarm, overheated the engine with her heat exchanger congestion,  ate her heat exchanger zinc.  So besides the normal maintenance I've been been fixing and replacing things t
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